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I've been watching a lot cartoon reviews (Rebel Taxi and Mr. Enter) and a bit more TV. Which got me thinking, what's wrong with shows anymore? Not that every show back in the 90's and early 2000's were gold, nowhere close. So I'm just doing a list of things that I can't stand in cartoons or fine plain annoying. NOTE!! THESE ARE MY OPINIONS!! IF YOU LIKE SOME OF THE SHOWS THAT I TALK ABOUT, THAT'S COOL!! EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO LIKE WHAT THEY WANT!!

1. Pandering to a demographic
I hate this, whether it be dumbing down a "children's" cartoon so a jellyfish can understand it or making an "adult" cartoon overly disgusting and full of pointless innuendos. Just throwing stuff in that they believe people like to gain more views just in order to lose out on many more. I like to think of it as trying without trying at all.

2. Aging like milk
When a show goes one for far too long without adding anything new and of sustenance or degrading fully formed characters into generic tropes. One prime example is Family Guy, albeit an easy target. The characters used to be likeable and more than just a poorly written joke. Like Brain was a the voice of reason, the straight man and now...
I miss back in the day these were characters and not what they are now. Other shows have also stayed past there welcome, such as the Simpsons, Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents and quiet a few more. But for as long as loyalist exist I guess they will never die. Not to say they can't have a gem from time to time but at a point you just have to leave them in the past and embrace something new. Another example of bad episodes in a show I used to adore is Spongebob. With such current lows as when Mr. Krabs driving Plankton toward suicide in One Course Meal, or Mrs. Puff trying to upright murder Spongebob...A FAAAMILY CARTOON!!! There's a difference between more mature content and being sociopathic! By the way, speaking of Brain Griffin that brings be to numero 3...

3. Rating Traps
Like mediocre games, TV shows can get over hyped or specificly made to bring in veiws just to give a 22 minute or hour long still frame of a middle saying, "You wasted your time lol! : D". Yeah, fuck these things. One of the biggest was Life of Brian from Family Guy. You know the episode they "killed Brain" just to bring him back 2 or 3 episodes later and like the earlier Stewie Kills Lois and Lois Kills Stewie episodes made everything null and void like when a movie ends with it all being a dream...the lowest common denominator...burn in hell, writers. Other shows have done rating traps but I don't think they were are enragingly pointly or full of racist jokes.

4. Unfunny series and spinoffs
Do you know what's really painful to watch? An unfunny comedy...whether it be Teen Titans Go, Sanjay and Craige (this show is fucking terrifying, and I love horror games and movies), The Breadwinners, Problem Solverz (if you look this one up, SEIZURE WARNING!!), or Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, all shows labled as comedies without much humor or just being plain stupid with lazy to decent animation. Those last two are some of the worst or the worst. If you want to make a comedy put some effort into it. If you want to make something with random comedy, take the Monty Python route and add some whit to the madness. If you want to throw some shit at your audience and see what sticks, start from square one and put thought into your series. Otherwise you'll be jobless in a season or two.

5. Too many Comedy shows
Has anybody else notices the large imbalance of comedy to action cartoons? I guess action cartoons are a bit more pricier but god some variety is needed. I mean, how many non-anime/non-comic animated series do you see on anymore, very few. And let's broaden the horizon a bit, how many splice of life shows to you see on? Very very few even with that added. It can't be that hard to green light something like that. Just something atleast partially serious that can to a beacon in the sea of the same old-same old.

That's about all I've got for now ^^; sorry if this rant was a bit long but kudos to anyone that reads it all the way through!
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I like to draw pokemon and I have a tendence of abusing my OC, cause I'm evil like that:mwahaha:. And now I'm just going say it my grammar and hand writing both suck so please don't get on me about them. I've only been an active member since November 21 (started being on everyday)....
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